• Winter Board - 2018


It is with great humility that our President, Dr. Louis Jones, official staff, pastors and parishioners of the member churches of The National Missionary Baptist Convention of America warmly welcome you the our website. It is our aim to inform, inspire, and include information that is necessary to lay out who we are, what we are about, and why we are in existence.

As Dr. Jones has plainly laid out the vision before us, we will strive to read it, run with it and work it. He has planned the work and we’re working the plan without whining, wondering, or becoming weary. Our sole business is the business of souls.

It is our prayer that each person who visits this website, will be:

  1. Educated in the Word of God
  2. Excited about the Work of God
  3. Energetic to performing the Will of God

We will:

  1. Witness to the Sinners
  2. Worship the Savior (Jesus Christ)
  3. Walk in Harmony the Saints

We thank you for taking the time to visit. We welcome any caring concerns, constructive comments, and celebrated compliments.